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Israeli Army Targets Ambulances and Medic Personnel

Ambulances and medics were among the targets of the Israeli soldiers and the settlers. (Recalling the medic Bassam Balbeisi was shot dead while trying to reach the child Mohammad Al-Durra and his father).
September 29, 2000 through May 5, 2006

Total Attacks on Ambulances


Total Ambulances Damaged (some vehicles attacked more than once)


Total Emergency Medical Personnel Injured

Number of Attacks on Emergency Teams 388
Emergency Medical Personnel Killed (3 EMT, 2 employees and 7 Volunteers) 12
Violations & Restrictions of Ambulance Access 1836
Number of EMS Personnel & Volunteers arrested since the invasion of Gaza & West Bank began on Mar 29 2002 81
(1 remain in detention)

Israeli Soldiers Stole a Palestinian Ambulance, Used it to enter Cities and Kill Palestinians.  Furthermore, Israeli Tank Crushed two Ambulances to Prevent them from Rescuing Civilians.  (March 9, 2002)


EMS Under Fire (photos and detailed reports) - updated daily
Black Friday:  Israeli Forces Murdered 52 Palestinians Including Children and Paramedics  (March 9, 2002)
UN Employee Killed by Israel while Riding an Ambulance  (March 9, 2002)

Israeli Soldiers Hijacked an Ambulance
  (October 7, 2001)
Israeli Soldiers Shot 4 Medic Personnel (February 14, 2001)

Statement Issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health Regarding the Assassination of Dr. Thabet Ahmad Thabet (December 31, 2000)
Samples of the Israeli Acts Against the Health Sector
Types of Weapons & Injurious Agents

Detailed Statistical Data of Injuries & Causes
Cumulative Data Analysis until September 28, 2001 “One Year”

















EMS Under Fire (more photos and detailed reports)

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