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Jerusalem Chronology
- Jebusite’ Arabs4500 B.C.
- Canaanite’ Arabs2500 B.C.
- Israelites (when conquered by king David)1000 B.C.
- Babylonians (when Nebuchad Nezzer conquered it. and moved its Jewish inhabitants to Babyl)586 B.C.
- Persians538 B.C.
- Alexander the Great332 B.C.
- Macabbean Jew135 B.C.
- Roman - Byzantine Empire62 B.C.
- The Arab Islamic Liberation of the City636 A.D.
- Ummayad Dynasty (Muslims)661 A.D.
- Abbaside Caliphate (Muslims)750 A.D.
- Tulunid Dynasty (Muslims)878 A.D.
- Ikhshidid Dynasty (Muslims)915 A.D.
- Fatimids (Muslims)969 A.D.
- Selijuk Turks (Muslims)1070 A.D.
- Crusaders (who committed a horrible massacre at Al Aqsa Moqsa Killing 70,000 Muslims)1099 A.D.
- The Arabs (Salah Eddin): He restored The city From The Crusaders after His Victory in The Famous Battle Of Hittin .1178 A.D.
- Crusaders: When King Frederick II Of Germany Was handed the Keys of the City From King AI- Kamel except For the Al Aqsa mosque area.1229 A.D.
- Al Khwarizmans (Mongols) . King Najm Eddin of Egyot restored the city .1244 A.D.
- Mamelukes (Muslims)1253 A.D.
- Ottomans (by the Muslim Sultan Saleem) .1516 A.D.
- British Mandate1917 A.D.
- Jordanian rule1951 A.D.
- Israeli occupation1967 - present

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