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PRESS RELEASE - July 14, 2001


Israel has been committing war crimes and bloody massacres against the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since September 29, 2000.These atrocities have resulted in at least 516 Palestinians killed and over 25,000 wounded by the Israeli soldiers and settlers.Dozens of civilian houses were completely destroyed and hundreds of residents are living as refugees (AGAIN).The crime of demolishing civilian houses reveals the reality that the Israeli government does not honor the international law or agreements.
Under the illegal Israeli occupation, Palestinian basic human rights continue to be violated at every level on daily basis. Israel ignores all international norms, values and conventions in its treatment of the Palestinian people.It
tries all the efforts to explode the situation in order to serve its aggressive intentions.
We strongly condemn the repressive tactics of the Israeli government that encourages its soldiers and settlers to slaughter Palestinian civilians at the slightest provocation. These provocations are often a reaction to daily atrocities committed by Israeli soldiers at Israeli checkpoints.
This dangerous situation requires immediate and firm action by the world body to bring the Israeli soldiers and settlers, encouraged by institutionalized racism within Israeli law, under control in order to suppress their criminal acts.
We call upon the international community and the UN Security Council to undertake measures to bring an end to Israelís bloody military campaign against the Palestinian people, as well as to ensure compliance with international law and international humanitarian law.We further call on the United States government to intervene as soon as possible to stop Israel from violating the existing Palestinian-Israeli agreements and save the region from further deterioration.


We demand immediate international protection from violent Israeli aggression. We further demand an end to the Israeli illegal occupation.We call on
the Security Council to exercise its authority, to condemn those Israeli criminal acts, provide protection for the Palestinian people and to quickly send international observers to the Palestinian territories.
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