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The Palestinian American Council is a charitable, educational, civic and political organization in the United States of America, that promotes cultural and economic cooperation between the people of Palestine and the United States of America, as well as encouraging and strengthening ties between Palestinians and their motherland.

TX-22 Stands With Palestine
Our aim is to hold the congressman Troy Nehls accountable as he represents a large number of Muslims under this constituency. His statement favoring Israel has been disturbing and lack of information and knowledge of history makes his stance weak and not representative of TX22. We have in the past emailed, called in and pushed to get some sort of review on these statements on his social media account but to no luck.

Troy Nehls  

هدفنا هو محاسبة عضو الكونغرس

لأنه يمثل عددًا كبيرًا من المسلمين في هذه الدائرة في منطقتنا و بيانه المؤيد لإسرائيل كان مزعجًا ونقص المعلومات والمعرفة بالتاريخ يجعل موقفه ضعيفًا ولا يمثل منطقتنا. لقد أرسلنا اليه بريدًا إلكترونيًا في الماضي واستدعينا وطالبنا الحصول على نوع من المراجعة لهذه البيانات على حسابه على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي ولكن دون جدوى. نرجو مشاركة الجميع





The Palestinian American Council (PAC) is part of the National March for Palestine on Saturday May 29, 2021.
المجلس الفلسطيني الامريكي جزء من المسيرة الشعبية الكبرى لوقف الدعم الامريكي لاسرائيل والمتجهة الى واشنطن يوم السبت الموافق ٢٩ /٥ / ٢٠٢١
نرجوا المشاركة من الجميع









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This Saturday, July 11th, a coalition of local Houston organizations are hosting a Houston-wide car-caravan in opposition to Israelís attempted annexation of Palestinian land.
The caravan will meet at 2949 Dunvale Road, Houston, TX 77063 this Saturday at 12 PM to convene, decorate our cars, and prepare for our drive. Attendees will be provided the route and Whatsapp group link, which we will use to stay connected along the route!

Bring your Palestinian flags and kuffiyehs, make posters, and feel free to decorate your car beforehand!
In accordance with social distancing guidelines, our peaceful protest will incorporate appropriate accommodations to ensure attendees and their families are safe. We will be wearing and providing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, among other things, to ensure safe participation.





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