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Palestine Affairs Council met with US presidential candidate
December 4, 2003
After presenting a document listing the programs that wishes the Houston mayoral candidate Mr. Bill White implements, and meeting with congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee after her visit to Israel and before her visit to Iraq, Palestine Affairs Council met with the Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Dennis Kucinich.

Palestine Affairs Council met in Houston with the Democratic presidential Candidate, Senator Dennis Kucinich on Wednesday Dec 3, 2003.

Palestine Affairs Council explained to the presidential Candidate the intolerable situation and the pressures that the Arab and the Islamic communities have been facing since the events of Sept 11, 2001.

Palestine Affairs Council accentuated that all those pressures have to come to an end, and be replaced with spreading out the concepts of understanding and cooperation between the US and the Arab and the Islamic worlds instead of the zero-some concept of the civilizationsí collision that some are trying to lead.

Palestine Affairs Council updated the presidential candidate on all aspects of the Palestinian cause.  Palestine Affairs Council found the presidential candidate at an optimum level of understanding. He ensured Palestine Affairs Council of his total rejection of the current US administration policies in the Middle East, and promised to have a completely different approach to the Middle East.

The presidential candidate assured Palestine Affairs Council that he sympathizes with the Palestinians just demands of freedom, independence, and the return of refugees.

Palestine Affairs Council conveyed to the presidential candidate that neither the Road Map nor the Geneva Accord offer a dignified solution to the Palestinians.
Palestine Affairs Council emphasized that a comprehensive and just solution to the Arab Israeli conflict has to be based on the international law and the relevant resolutions, especially UN 242,338, and 194.

The presidential candidate agreed with Palestine Affairs Council that the US, as the only world super power has a moral obligation to resolve the Arab Israeli conflict.

The presidential candidate agreed and thanked Palestine Affairs Council to bringing up the idea of immediate deploy of international force to protect the Palestinians and their properties who have been under 36 years of military occupation which deteriorated after September 28, 2000. Senator Dennis Kucinich promised to add this to his campaign.

The presidential candidate expressed his deep concern of the suffering of the Palestinians refugees, and vows to resolve their just cause that guarantees their sacred right and fulfills their dreams.

The presidential candidate stated his belief that the US president should use his leverage and pressure Israel to halt any and all settlements activities, as well as turning down the segregation wall.

Before departure, the presidential candidate stressed that his office would always be open to Palestine Affairs council, and agreed to future meetings.
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