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April 3, 2002


The Arab League Summit that was held in Beirut on March 28 endorsed the Saudi peace plan, which the White House accepted, as did the Palestinian leadership.  Sharon’s offensive comes in the wake of this unanimous resolution.  It is only the Israeli Foreign Ministry who called the Arab peace plan “unacceptable”.
The Israeli government immediately launched massive attacks using the Passover Massacre as a pretext for a preplanned assault that Lee Hockstader wrote about several days prior in the Washington Post.  The assault was previously planned and is now being conducted against Palestinian civilians in various cities, including Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jenin and Tulkarem.
The massive assault is currently besieging the Ramallah compound of the duly elected Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat.
The Israeli soldiers are indiscriminately executing Palestinians.  Israeli snipers are wounding and/or killing civilians and journalists.  The Israeli government forces are demolishing homes, rendering homeless entire families.  They are uprooting olive trees, a source of income and life for the majority of Palestinians.
The Israeli soldiers are invading hospitals and schools, shooting at ambulances and doctors, and preventing ambulances from reaching their destinations while wounded women and children bleed to death in the streets and at Israeli checkpoints.
Since the beginning of the Uprising (Intifada), more than 37,000 Palestinian men, women and children have been killed or wounded by the Israeli soldiers.  Israeli sources are underreporting the Palestinian deaths and covering up the murders of Palestinians as happened in Bosnia by the Serbian, Milosevic.
This dangerous situation requires immediate and firm intervention to rein in the Israeli soldiers, and their lawless government in order to suppress their violent behavior.
International protection from Israeli oppression is required immediately.  Israel’s aggressive and illegal military occupation of 35 years; their refusal to withdraw from lands they acquired by force and the ongoing victimization of the Palestinian people is making the peace process more difficult.
Israeli brutality and repression has destroyed all forms of normalcy within the family structure and basic Palestinian social fabric.  For years, the United Nations has held the formula for peace, SCR 194, 242, 338, 1397 and recently 1402, but were never implemented by any Israeli government.  It serves as the alternative to regional conflict and is the source of long desired regional stability.
We call on the international community, especially President Bush, to use all means necessary to halt Israel's terrorism and criminal acts against the Palestinian people and to stop military aid that enables Israel to use terror and US made weapons to massacre Palestinians.  We call on them to stop providing support to a country that is occupying a whole nation by force.



Palestine Affairs Council