Houstonians for Peace & Justice in the Holy Land
P.O.Box 740943, Houston, Texas 77274

Joined by people of good will, Houstonís Arab-Christians and Muslims strongly condemn the Israeli military machineís use of excessive force and violence directed at a defenseless Palestinian, civilian population. 


It is the cause of the current killing specifically targeting Palestinian children by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers

People of good conscience worldwide further condemn the repressive Israeli governmental policies that encourage its soldiers and settlers to slaughter Palestinian civilians. We reaffirm our call for justice and peace in the Middle East and demand:

  • Immediate international intervention to end the criminal acts committed against the Palestinian people by Israeli soldiers and settlers as documented by Amnesty International

  • Stop all U.S. military aid to Israel that is currently financing the killing of Palestinians

  • An immediate implementation of all relevant UN resolutions creating a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital

  • Israeli negotiators must address the real requirements of peace, not the policies of control that inflict pain, verbally and physically, on the occupied Palestinian population. 
  • No one on earth can expect Palestinians to voluntarily give up their property, identity and human rights

In the last seven years since the handshake on the White House Lawn heralded the peace process, Palestinians have seen:

  • Israel forcibly expropriate more Palestinian land to build Jewish-only settlements

  • Israel demolish hundreds of Palestinian homes annually

  • Israel strangle the Palestinian economy creating more poverty

  • Israel gerrymander the future state of Palestine into several separate enclaves cut off from one another and surrounded by Jewish-only bypass roads and checkpoints

  • Israel force frequent closures that turn Palestinian towns into collective prisons not allowing Arabs out to buy food, medicine, go to doctors, hospitals or schools

The excessive use of overwhelming force is done by the Israeli military.  Palestinian young men and boys throwing rocks are the victims targeted by the Israeli forces. To quell the violence, tell Israel to stand down, these rocks are not reaching the Israeli borders.
September 28 through November 2:
    Palestinians killed: 171
    Israelis killed: 12
    Palestinians injured: 8,000