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Letter sent to the US State Department in regard with the killing of Mahmoud Abdullah


Mr. Mahmoud Abdullah


The Palestinian Youth Council

P.O.Box 440145

Houston, TX 77244  


Dear Madam Secretary Albright:


On August 16th, the disguised Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian-American. The incident took place in Surda, a West Bank village north of Ramallah under Israeli security control. The victim was not a youth hurling stones at the soldiers, he was 70 year old Mahmoud Abdullah. As he fell seriously wounded, the Israeli soldiers refused to allow the medics to come to his aid. They kept ambulances away from the house for more than one hour, then when they finally granted access to the medics, it was too late! Mr. Abdullah had bled to death.


Mr. Abdullah's death was not an accident by a long shot. It was preplanned by murderers. The victim was punished for hosting a youth group of Palestinian-Americans during their visit to the Holy land a few days prior to the incident.  Mr. Abdullah's intention was to show the youngsters Arab generosity and good hospitality, not knowing he was going to pay for it with his life........HE WAS MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD !!


Madam Secretary,


Mr. Abdullah was not violent, nor was he a criminal.  He was a retiree who wanted to spend the remainder of his life close to his children and grand children. Unfortunately he was robbed from that, why? He was a man of peace. For the Israeli soldiers to let him bleed to death, is a cold blooded murder. We as Palestinian-Americans, and American citizens, demand that his killers be brought to justice and punished for taking an innocent life. 


Thank you Madam Secretary Albright,


President of the Palestinian Youth Council

Houston Branch

2005 Palestinian American Council