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PAC Condemns the Israeli Attack on Jericho

March 13, 2006
Palestinian American Council
P.O. BOX 740943
Houston, Texas 77274, USA

Tel 281-827-5934

Palestinian American Council condemns with the strongest terms possible the barbaric and cowardly act of the terrorist state of Israel on its attack on the prison of Jericho yesterday 3/14/2006, and kidnapping the prisoners who were supposedly been monitored and supervised by the United states and England per an agreement in the year 2002.
Attacking the prison of Jericho was not a battle between 2 armies. Those in prison were unarmed civilians.
Forcing unarmed civilian prisoners to come out undressed is a condemned act by all people and all religions. It is a clear violation to all international rules and values. But, Israel keeps giving the whole world the thumb nose.
All evidences on the ground, and the shameless admission of the Israeli cabinet of conducting such a horrific attack is another clear indication of a reckless government in Israel that has no peace on its agenda.
The terrorist state of Israel, since the assassination of the late Prime Minister Isaac Robin does not waste any opportunity to prove its intentions to keep the Middle East a volatile region, and disregarding the Palestinians appeals for peace.
We at the Palestinian American Council cannot over look the fact that the attack came only 15 minutes after the US and the British monitors suspiciously left the prison unattended.
We can only categorize such unexplained move as a clear conspiracy that is worth a UN investigation.
Hence, we call on the UN secretary general to immediately launch an international facts finding commission to expose the Israeli crime. 
It is the responsibility of the international community, and the quadrant, especially the US and England to undo all the damages due to such irresponsible and superfluous move.
Hence, we call on the above parties, not only to ensure the safe return of the prisoners who were kidnapped yesterday, but, to immediately work on the release of all the Palestinian and Arab prisoners from the Israeli jails.
Moreover, we call on the US and England to implement the necessary measures to ensure that such future attacks by the terrorist state of Israel does not go unpunished by the international community.
Yesterday, the US commanders supervising the Jericho Jail did not act in the best interest of the US. As a consequence, the US lost its credibility - again - as a peace broker in the Middle East. A US investigation of this incident would be the wise and the American thing to do.

The US lost its creditability when left Sabra and Shatilla camps in Lebanon in 1982 paving the way to Israel to come into the camps and massacred over 3000 unarmed civilians. History was repeated yesterday in Jericho prison.


2005 Palestinian American Council