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Geneva Accord a recipe for failure

The following was published on December 6, 2003 on the Dallas Morning News Website:

12:05 AM CST on Saturday, December 6, 2003

Geneva Accord a recipe for failure

The Geneva Accord is illegal and is a recipe for failure.

We are for peace, and encourage any effort that might assist in putting an end to the gruesome bloodshed in the Middle East for the sake of both the Palestinian and the Israeli children. As such, we will not belittle any Palestinian who signed or agreed with the Geneva Accord.

We also understand the complexity of the Arab-Israeli conflict. We can appreciate that some Israelis leaped a very courageous wide step in admitting, accepting and signing some articles in the accord that used to be considered a taboo in the Israeli psyche. Such long-time overdue steps should be applauded.

But those could be a cornerstone, not the end. Despite those positive points in the accord, it remains only one positive Israeli step that fell short of resolving the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

Here are three routes for peace in the Middle East, based on the international law:

1) The one-state solution. One man-one vote after the return of all the Palestinian refugees.

2) Implement U.N. Resolution 181, which called on partitioning the historic Palestine into two states.

3) Implement U.N. Resolutions 242, 338, 194.

Kamal Khalil, Houston, Texas


2005 Palestinian American Council