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Houstonians for Peace and Justice in the Holy Land

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Houston, July 24, 2002

Press Release

Once again, the terrorist government of Israel committed a new crime to add to its long list of war crimes since day one of its conditional inception in 1948. Starting with Dier Yasin, and on to Kafr Qasim,  Qbieh, Bahr el Baqar, Sabra and Shatila, Qana, Hebron, Nablus, Jenin, .. and now, Gaza.

1:30 AM Monday 7/22/2002 was the exact time when the terrorist government of Israel, using a US F-16 with missiles over 1000 pounds, ordered an attack on one of the most civilians crowded areas per capita on earth, Gaza, resulted in killing 15 people – nine of whom are children under 4 years old – and wounded 150.

This new war crime was a preemptive strike by the terrorist government of Israel to block a serious and fruitful peace efforts by all Palestinians groups and parties and the international community.

The fact remains that the terrorist government of Israel will not be thumping its nose to the whole world without the unconditional support of the US foreign policy makers.

Our demands:

  • The US should allow the international effort of investigating this Israeli heinous and shocking war crime, and bringing all responsible Israelis to justice.
  • The US must use its leverage at the UN to send an immediate international protection force to the Palestinian areas under the Israeli occupation.
  • The US has to put an end to the unconditional political and military support to the terrorist government of Israel. No nation including Israel should be treated or acted as an “above the international law”.
  • The Palestinians are the only human beings on earth who live under military occupation. Hence, the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian land occupied in 1967 has to end immediately based on the relevant UN resolutions including 242, 338 and 194.


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